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Multiple Home Loan Lender Options
As a mortgage broker, I work with a variety of different home mortgage lenders so I can provide you with the best mortgage rates available as well as options. Not all lenders are the same so being associated with multiple lenders allows me to identify the ones that best fit your specific needs. Are you buying a single family residence or a condo? Is it deed restricted? How's your credit history? How much money do you have for the down payment? These factors and many more contribute to determining which mortgage lender is not just best, but best for you.

Direct Access to Underwriters
To most people, underwriter access means nothing. However, this is extremely important when you are going through the home mortgage loan process. By having direct access to your underwriter, I can make sure the loan processes smoothly, that there are no surprises, if anything does arise it can be identified and resolved quickly. In essence, it streamlines the mortgage process and reduces risk.

Easier Qualifying
Many lenders require a minimum FICO score of 620 for a conventional loan. I work with home loan lenders that will approve conventional loans with a lower credit score, just 600. My lenders minimum FICO score for jumbo loans is also lower than normal, 680. Not only is this potentially the difference in qualifying for your home mortgage loan, but can also save you money by avoiding special loan programs.

Less Downpayent Required
It is recommended you contribute at least 20% of the purchase price as your down payment on the mortgage. However, this is not possible for all home buyers, therefore I have lenders that allow down payments as little 3% for conventional loans. This may be the difference in your ability to get the house of your dreams and again, save you money by avoiding special loan programs. Please note, if your down payment is less than 20%, you are required to pay Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).

Some borrowers purchase their property with someone else. Usually that person, whether a spouse, friend or family member will also live in the house. With Comfort Mortgage LLC, this is not required. Co-borrowers do not need to be occupants of the house. You can have a non-occupant co-borrower.

Fully Gifted Down Payments
Sometimes a family member wants to help a home buyer with the purchase of a home by providing money towards the down payment. Most lenders allow some of the down payment to be "gifted", meaning a family member gives a portion of the money used as the down payment by the borrower. My mortgage lenders go a step further, allowing down payments to be fully gifted meaning a family member can contribute as much as 100% of the down payment.

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