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Get To Know You
Every borrower and property is different so I always start by getting to know you and your unique situation. What are your priorities regarding the mortgage? What are your expectations? Based on what I learn I identify the most appropriate home loan and provide any other appropriate mortgage options.

Personally Manage the Loan Processing for all Loans
Once the home loan selection is made and the application is approved, I personally will manage the mortgage process through to settlement. You chose me and not a third-party loan processor. I will not pass the responsibility of managing your loan to someone you don't know. Your loan will be managed by me so you know it is getting done, getting done on time, and done right.

Communication, Communication, Communication
Throughout the process I will keep you well informed with frequent, clear and concise communication. I start each week by sending you and people associated with your mortgage process an email titled "Your Mortgage, Your Week" which details the current status, what you can expect to occur during the week, and what will need to be done during the week. When you know what has happened, what is happening and what needs to happen, your mortgage process becomes much more, dare I say, comfortable.

Guidance, Explanations and Checklists
Whenever possible and appropriate, I provide you with written explanations and checklists to provide guidance and understanding. An example of this is the Mortgage Application Required Document Checklist that is included in the Mortgage Tools section, Mortgage Application Document Checklist.

I Do What I Say
How many times has someone told you they would do something only to leave you waiting and wondering? That will not happen with me. I do what I say. If I tell you I will do something, I will do it when I say I will.

I Attend Closings
When it is time to close, I will be right there with you making sure everything is completed. I would hold your hand except you'll need that to sign the closing documents.

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